DOO Jović, Stević i ostali - DEKOR Petrovac

Mat br: 17528998

PIB: 103176785

Street: Srpskih vladara 1/a
12300 Petrovac na Mlavi
district of Branicevo
+381 63 3333473
+381 63 8271459
Број мобилног телефона:
+381 62 8333473
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Manufacture of furniture Dekor - Jovic-Stevic with his craftsmanship, modern and classic design, installation, offers expert advice in the selection of furniture, as well as the delivery and installation of course.
Dozens of different models of furniture furniture of different styles and designs.
Our products with your recommendations will be made in the agreed types and sizes with the exact delivery time.
To order the desired material, color, skin type, etc.

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This is a presentation of one of the leading companies in Braničevo County, which has been producing massive production of the highest quality oaks, letters, maples for two decades ....
The results speak for us, especially exports to the countries of the European Union, especially Greece, with all their strict standards that they prescribe.

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